Can You Get Laser While Having Eye Allergy?

Eye allergy, which is a common problem especially in the summer months, can cause a negative effect on vision in severe cases. Over time, as the effect of the allergy decreases and the supportive treatment recommended by the doctor is applied, we see that the vision improves again. One of the curious questions here is the question of whether you can have laser when you have eye allergy. Let’s give an answer to this question whether allergy prevents laser or not.

Can You Get Laser During Eye Allergy?

In eye allergy, the conjunctiva, one of the outer layers of the eye, shows hypersensitivity to allergens and excessive watering, redness or discharge may occur in the eyes.

The development of allergy in the eye is not a direct obstacle to laser treatment. Here it is necessary to evaluate several different criteria and take action accordingly. Let’s talk about these criteria briefly.

  • Degree of Allergy: Before laser treatment, the condition of eye allergy should be evaluated. If allergic reactions are high, laser treatment may not be recommended as this will increase the risk of complications during and after surgery.
  • Seasonal Situation: If the patient’s eye allergy develops seasonally, planning is made taking into account this time and laser surgery may be postponed.
  • Doctor’s Decision: All these factors should be evaluated in detail by the doctor. If the effect of allergy is intense, the doctor may determine a treatment process for allergy accordingly and may recommend a laser operation after the treatment.

alerji lazere engel olur mu


Eye allergy is not a clear obstacle for laser eye surgery. After a detailed evaluation of the conditions, if there is an allergic condition that may affect the success of the surgery, the effect of this condition is expected to disappear and then the laser operation is performed.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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