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Investing in the health of your eyes is an investment in your gaming and e-sport experience.

Dear Gamers and E-Sport Enthusiasts,

As passionate gamers and e-sport players, you spend countless hours staring at screens, focusing on split-second movements and reacting to fast-paced action. While it’s an incredible experience, it can take a toll on your eyes and vision. Dry eyes, redness, burning, and fatigue are common issues faced by gamers and e-sport players.

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Package Details

To help you stay at the top of your game, I would like to offer you a comprehensive eye care package designed specifically for gamers and e-sport enthusiasts like you. Our eye SPA treatment is designed to refresh, rejuvenate, and soothe tired eyes and takes place every 3 months. This pampering session includes a 20-minute eye massage using the latest American technology, a 10-minute eye lid cleaning procedure, and a range of hydration and revitalization techniques.

In addition to our SPA treatments, you will also receive a comprehensive eye home care package. This includes a warming eye mask that has to be applied for 10 minutes, a special cleaning soap and additional liquids to keep your eyes moisturized every day. Our eye home care set provides everything you need to keep your eyes feeling comfortable, refreshed and rejuvenated, all at an affordable cost.

What’s more, as part of our package, you will also receive an eye health check using an optical sensor and a review of your eyes by an experienced ophthalmologist in our competence center. This ensures that any issues or concerns with your eyesight and eye health are addressed promptly and effectively. Our ophthalmologist will not only provide a diagnosis but also inform you of other possible solutions for your eyes to maintain perfect vision and a youthful appearance, if needed.

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your first eye SPA treatment and receive your eye home care package. Let’s work together to maintain and improve the health of your eyes, so you can stay at the top of your game

We wish you a healthy day.
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