Which is safer: Contact Lens or Laser?

Contact lenses have been a popular option for vision correction for many years, but they come with a number of potential complications that can lead to serious eye problems. In contrast, eye laser surgery, which involves reshaping the cornea to improve vision, is generally considered a safer option. In this blog post, we will examine why contact lenses may be riskier than eye laser surgery.

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One of the most significant risks associated with contact lenses is keratitis, a painful eye infection caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Keratitis can lead to scarring of the cornea, which can permanently affect vision. While keratitis is a relatively rare complication, it is more common among contact lens wearers than in the general population.

Another potential complication of contact lens wear is an allergic reaction. Some people may develop allergies to the materials used in contact lenses, which can cause redness, swelling, itching and even loss of vision.

Contact lenses can also cause long-term damage to the cornea. The constant rubbing of the lens against the cornea can lead to abrasions, which can cause scarring and affect vision. These complications can be especially serious in people who wear contact lenses for long periods of time, sleep in them or do not clean them properly.

In contrast, laser eye surgery has a lower risk of complications. The procedure is performed under controlled conditions and the surgeon can closely monitor the patient’s progress. The most common complications associated with laser surgery are dry eyes, halos and glare, which usually resolve within a few months. Serious complications such as vision loss are extremely rare.

Furthermore, laser surgery is a one-time procedure and once performed, patients do not have to worry about the ongoing costs and maintenance associated with contact lenses. Patients who have laser surgery can enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses and often experience significant improvements in their vision.

As a result, while contact lenses are a popular option for vision correction, they can lead to a number of complications that can permanently affect vision. On the other hand, laser eye surgery is a safer and more reliable option with a lower risk of complications. Anyone considering vision correction should carefully consider the risks and benefits of each option and consult a qualified eye surgeon before making a decision.

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