What is VIVIOR?

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In our clinic, we provide more perfect, personalized evaluations to our patients with Vivior, a Swiss Technology.

The Vivior device is a wearable device used to measure visual behavior and collect data on eye movements and visual perception. This device is important in ophthalmology because it provides accurate and detailed information about how patients use their eyes and perceive visual information.

Visual behavior measurement is crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions such as amblyopia, strabismus and other visual disorders. The information obtained from the Vivior device can help our patients develop individualized treatment plans for their specific needs.

Our Chairman, Michael Mrochen, is a leading figure in ophthalmology, particularly in the field of corneal biomechanics and refractive surgery. In particular, he has conducted extensive research on corneal biomechanics, including the development of a new technology for measuring corneal stiffness. This technology has revolutionized the field of refractive surgery and improved the accuracy and safety of LASIK and other surgical procedures.

In an eye clinic, the combination of the Vivior device and Michael Mrochen‘s expertise can provide valuable insights into patients’ visual behavior and help develop treatment plans personalized to their unique needs.

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Assoc. Prof. Aylin Kılıç

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